Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Calling All Manhattans: WDM

For those just arriving at this cocktail party, I’m blogging Manhattan recipes folks send in as well as some of the more unusual variations and sundry bits of Manhattanalia.

And the one below just goes to show that this Manhattan Cocktail party is open to all, whether you blog drinks or not. This is the first time I’ve heard from WDM—at least that I’m aware of—and I thoroughly enjoyed this Punt e Mes edition.


  • 2 oz Rittenhouse Bonded
  • 1 oz Punt e Mes
  • 3 – 4 dashes Angostura Bitters
Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Appropriate cherry garnish.

Rich but bright enough to be recognizable as a Manhattan. I’ve made similar many times myself, being a major Punt e Mes fan.


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