This is a personal cocktail blog, primarily about my home bar. It gives me something to think about and helps keep me out of mischief. Once in a while, I talk about a visit to a saloon or a restaurant.

The scope is fairly specific. I don’t write this for anyone else, nor do I review stuff I haven’t purchased. It’s about individual discovery. The fun of going into a bottle shop or wandering around town and checking out the spots is the sense of adventure. You can encounter all the possibilities and make your choice. It’s like meeting a beautiful stranger.

So this blog emphasizes what I like: thoughtfully constructed beverages, prepared and served with a smile. I tend to keep things positive, figuring that if I don’t like a drink, I should go find a better one quickly. Life is short.

While this blog sometimes reviews things that I’ve tried and found to have some merit, there are no paid advertisements. I’m not looking for free stuff. I have more fun helping with an event than attending one. If you’d like to feature my original content in your publication, please reach out to me beforehand so we can talk.

This blog represents my chill time. Chill with me.
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