Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Where on earth is he?!

OK—so I’ve been less than prolific here lately. [Sound of wind whistling as tumbleweeds roll by.] I still enjoy writing this blog, as well as making and photographing cocktails, but some career stuff has demanded my attention of late.

And the needs and desires behind this blog when it started in January of 2010 have changed as well. I was first drawn to cocktails because I could see that they offered a whole category of gracious living that, by and large, people didn’t seem to know about anymore, something that had coherent systems and language, and complex relationships with society. The drinks in the bar books that were presented as old standards weren’t standard anymore, and the new things seemed dumbed down, badly made and generally impoverished. I didn’t know how a drink was supposed to taste and had trouble learning how to find out. These were supposed to be good drinks. Where did they go?

Coincidentally, I started to get curious about fancy drinks at the time when the cocktail was once again garnering the attention it deserved thanks to bartenders, chefs and writers who saw the same possibilities I did. I started reading and mixing. I sought out bars. And I decided to throw out everything I had ever heard about beverage. Anything was allowed.

This blog has documented my process of discovery. It has led to refinements of my palate, which in turn has led to a greater curiosity about taste. Eventually it led to an interest in other aspects of beverage and of hospitality in general, changing my professional trajectory as well.

At the moment, I don’t have a lot of time for Fogged In Lounge, though, or a lot of new ideas for it because I’m thinking about other things. And that’s OK. In the short time since I started this blog, drinks in general have become better. It’s much easier to buy a good drink.

But after all this time, it seems sort of a pity to mothball the thing. Where do I go from here?

From time to time, I plan to revisit some drinks I’ve made in the last four years that I think worth a second look. Many of them probably could benefit from refinement. (I’m sure I’ve posted things I wouldn’t drink again, too. We’ll leave those.)

So stay tuned. I should be able to post again shortly, and maybe with a better drink.

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