Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Persimmons: More Crazy Produce for the Juicer

Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always want to buy persimmons. They look so neat. But I never really know what to do with ’em. I guess I could take the trouble to find out but never do. Or at least I didn’t until I decided to try throwing one in the juicer. There were two types available so I picked up one of each. Apparently, one can be eaten firm like an apple. The other one should be allowed to ripen to mush or you’ll end up with an indigestible ball in your stomach like that chewing gum horror story your first grade teacher used to scare you with. Seriously. Anyway, a variety to eat firm is the fuyu, which resembles a squat tomato. Core like a tomato, slice it up, stick it in the juicer. One fuyu gave me 2 ounces of sweet, mild flavored juice.

Rum Fuyu
  • 2 oz 10 Cane rum
  • 2 oz fuyu juice
  • 2 dashes Bar Keep Baked Apple Bitters
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Very fresh and bright, and nicely balanced for sweetness. I tried not to slam it with a lot of ingredients because the persimmon is delicate. A little like pumpkin but fruitier.


  1. Was the it the grassy old 10 Cane or the new sweet 10 Cane? :)

  2. Brand new bottle. I have to say I didn’t taste it before I poured. Now I’ll have to. It mixed just fine but I don’t like the package as much. Hope that’s not an indication of how I’ll find it neat.


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