Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pisco-Sherry Sour

Making a Pisco Sour last night was great, but I’ve already started to fiddle around with it. I substituted honey syrup for the simple, and changed the proportions slightly. Just for fun, I also added a little amontillado.

For two drinks:

3 oz pisco
1 1/2 oz lime juice
1 oz honey syrup
1 oz amontillado sherry
1 egg white
A few drops Angostura bitters for garnish

Shake hard with ice to foam the egg, and strain into chilled glasses. Decorate foam with a few drops of Angostura.

Rowen, Fogged In Lounge

The egg white had a little stuff in it that I wanted to remove, so I performed the dry shake operation again, and ran the drink through a mesh strainer.

This version is light and delicate as well, but the sweet-sour-strong balance is more to my taste. The sherry and honey harmonize nicely with the base. Now I’m curious to try using one of the aromatic varieties of pisco.

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