Friday, May 13, 2011

Pub Crawling: Shady Lady Saloon

On a recent evening with a friend in Sacramento, we had a few rounds at a fine downtown cocktailian establishment called the Shady Lady. With the estimable Anna behind the stick, we were in good hands and passed a very pleasant time. The list read like an encyclopedia of the best classic cocktails, with a great selection of featured items in the front. Particularly memorable was the Laphroaig Project by Owen Westman of Bourbon and Branch, made with Laphroaig, both Chartreuses, lemon, maraschino and peach bitters. Also fine were the White Linen and the Last Word. I remember that the White Linen had cucumber in it, and also that the place had a kitchen, but at some point my tasting notes got strangely blurred. No clue how it happened. Maybe it was something I drank.

Many thanks to the friendly staff at Shady Lady Saloon who made us feel welcome. We had fun.

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