Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cocktail Pairing Links

Wondering what beverage to serve with dinner? Just make something up. Some articles on cocktails and food that go together:

Appetites: Expanding food and beverage pairing to cocktails, Tom Crann, MPR News

Cocktail + Cuisine Pairing Tips with Tom Colicchio, Gastromista, Huffington Post

How to Pair Cocktails and Food
, Colleen Graham, About.com

Dare to Pair Cocktails and Food
, JJ Goode, Epicurious.com

Food and Cocktail Pairing: A New Cocktail Frontier, Katherine Martinelli, StarChefs.com

Bartenders on Daring to Pair Cocktails with Food
, Leslie Pariseau, Eater National

Collection of drink books showing food recipe chapters.

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