Sunday, April 29, 2012

SF Pub Crawling: Churchill

I love drinking in the afternoon—especially when the drinks are as good as yesterday’s session at Churchill. It was really a reprise of an earlier visit when I had ordered in the perfect sequence, and had so appreciated Pat’s ministrations behind the bar that I knew I’d be back soon.

First up was the Angostura-tinted classic Army Navy Cocktail, a happy land at the crossroads of lemon, almond and gin. This was followed by the Scotch Crusta, a tangy whisky lollipop that would be a good way for the people who don’t like scotch to change their minds.

For yesterday’s visit, I could stay a bit longer, and added the Farewell to Arms after a nice talk with Micah, another fine bartender, about agricole. The Farewell was made with La Favorite Cœur de Canne, a white I hadn’t had before that seemed less wild than, say, J.M. It gave the drink a lot of structure and worked well as a follow up to the scotch.

Many thanks to everyone at Churchill—a fun place to drink, and to people watch with all those windows looking out at a major transit hub.


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